Build Routes

No matter what your level of construction industry experience or stage in the self-build process, we realise the process of building your own home can be daunting and present some obstacles along the way. With this in mind, Feeling Homes offers a range of service levels to support self-builders of all abilities on their journeys towards their dream homes:

  1. Full turnkey package
  2. Self-build project management
  3. Watertight structure with design and engineering
  4. Watertight structure

The correct route for you depends on many factors including your time, budget and homebuilding capability. We invite you to choose the service level which suits your needs best and to contact us for more information and advice if required.

1. Full Turnkey Package

For this complete package, Feeling Homes works under the JCT Design and Build Contract (DB) for a fixed price to deliver your self-build project from conception to completion.

Often regarded as the most costly option, in reality the full turnkey package can end up saving you money. When you select our full turkey package you will not need: to employ an architect to produce tender documents, a tender analysis or to appoint a contract administrator. This means you will make a significant saving in professional fees.

Also, the construction team will work closely with the design team to ensure the project is designed to be built as economically as possible to your specifications, saving you even more money.

Risk: Low – You will receive a fixed price contract with fixed contractors’ margins. Your self-build budget is set and any variation can only be a result of you changing your mind. The design and construction method is value engineered from day one, meaning we can commit more of your budget to your interior fit-out. Also, an all-encompassing 10 year self-build insurance backed guarantee is offered with each project. We will absorb your VAT liability, meaning you will not pay VAT at any time during the design and build.

2. Self-Build Project Management

When Feeling Homes is appointed to manage your self-build project, we will work for a fixed fee on a trade-by-trade basis. We will act as your agent, employing and controlling all sub-contractors on your behalf.

We will assign you a dedicated and skilled project manager who will schedule the work, co-ordinate deliveries, contract the tradesman and oversee the custom-build to make sure quality expectations are always met.

Risk: Low/Medium – While this route guarantees quality and the benefit of our project management expertise, this option does not allow us the control to guarantee timescales and costs will not overrun. You will have to obtain your own structural warranty and, in the event of any issues with your home builders, you will have to liaise with multiple trades to resolve the problems. You will be responsible for paying the VAT throughout the build and completing a VAT claim on completion of the build.

3. Watertight Structure With Design And Engineering

With this option the Feeling Homes team will see your self-build home through to a watertight structure with the added benefit of having our design team working alongside you to design a home and obtain planning permission for your new home.

Risk: Medium/High – As our team will be working with you on the design of your custom-build you will benefit from accurate cost forecasting, which you can implement. You will be responsible for paying the VAT throughout the build and completing a VAT claim on completion of the build.

4. Watertight Structure

Do you have a custom-build design? Have you found land and obtained self-build planning permission? Have you followed Building Regulations and had your construction drawings approved by Building Control?  If you answered yes to all these questions and you would like to employ professionals to take your home to a watertight structure, allowing you to build your own house in your own time with your own appointed sub-contractors, then this is the correct route for you. 

Risk: High – The structural element will be in hand but unless you have the skills and experience to manage multiple trades at once, to time and cost constraints, your self-build project is likely to overrun on time and budget and quality could be compromised. You will be responsible for paying the VAT throughout the build and completing a VAT claim on completion of the build.

For further information or for a free no- obligation quotation fill in our online form, including brief details of your self-build project/enquiry, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.