Self-Build Costs Considered

March 19, 2018

As the Feeling Homes team appreciates how anxious the self-build journey can be, and as we are here to help, we compiled a list of the top five things that keep self-builders awake at night with a view to taking some of your worries away. We asked our customers to list their most pressing concerns and the same concerns came up time and again:

  1. How do I know if a quote is realistic?
  2. How do I know if a contractor is trustworthy?
  3. Will the project go over budget?
  4. Am I being overcharged?
  5. How long this should take?

These concerns are based around control – or lack of it. Whether you are building your own home or business property, the self-build journey is a unique experience and the learning curve starts steeply and escalates as the process goes on. These concerns also relate to trust – trusting yourself, trusting what you read on the internet, trusting a so-called-expert, trusting a builder and so it goes on. The end result for some is a type of paralysis where the whole project sits in wait for something to happen.The simplest things, like working out a budget, can become a tangled mess. Trying to work out the cost and time of any custom-build is a challenge and your costs will have a huge influence on choice so it is important to get these right from the off.Your total-spend will depend on many factors you may not have considered, including: the size of the project, the amount of work you intend to do yourself, the method of construction and the type and availability of materials. For example, did you know it is more expensive to build in some areas of the UK than others? The quality of the final build must be taken into account too – you will no doubt wish to get more than one quote but how will you compare these? Who will you trust to give you an accurate price for the work and deliver the quality you want? What if you knew exactly how much each part of the self-build should cost – labour and materials – and how long it should take? When you choose a package build with Feeling Homes your questions will be answered and your sleepless nights will be replaced with pleasant dreams of your new home. With our full turnkey package, we will mitigate your risks with our skills and experience while easing your fears with our transparent approach and open communication.Contact us for a free no- obligation quotation today and we will get back to you.